The Alchemy of Things Book


This stunning book explores the minds and homes of 15 global creatives based in Australia, the UK, USA and Europe who take an eccentric, whimsical, curated and clever approach to their living space. It demonstates a new vision of beauty, craving for a personal space with rich layers, objects chosen for their meaning, a little bit of oddity, and a certain joie de vivre. With each home presented as an individual chapter, this lavishly photographed book looks at houses that move beyond the everyday-spaces that come from a truly creative place, a tad eccentric, but always beautiful. It focuses on exceptional decorating minds and how they express their personality through the objects with which they surround themselves, how they put those objects together and the energy that results. This visually stimulating book surprises through juxtaposition, colour, form and the sheer joy of curating interior spaces.

223 x 297 x 30mm

Hardback, 272 pages