Plant Buds - Leaf Shine & Protect


This product gives your plants' foliage a glossy glow and helps them grow! 
The pre-mixed ready-to-use formula sprays on easily, keeping your plants healthy and dust-free (essential for photosynthesis). 

With ingredients like organic cold-pressed neem seed oil and organic lavender essential oil that won’t block plant pores, your plants will not only feel good but look good too. 

A beautiful product, made in NZ - a unique gift for the plant-lover!

Shake before use.
Remove dust from leaves. Spray product on to a soft cloth or directly on to leaves. Gently wipe. Avoid spraying when foliage is in direct sunlight. Application can be repeated as necessary.

Do not ingest. Store in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of pets and children.



Certified organic neem oil, lavender essential oil, natural wetting agent

100% natural and vegan