Charcoal Water Filter


For over 500 years the Japanese have used Binchotan active charcoal to purify tap water. The Binchotan active charcoal stick will absorb impurities such as chlorine, making water taste great! Easy to use, environmentally friendly and can be used in water bottles and jugs.

How to use: Simply drop the charcoal into your water, we recommend one stick per litre, then leave for 1 hour (8 is best) and enjoy your filtered water. 

How to recharge: Each charcoal will last for 6 months as a water filter, simply recharge after the first 3 months use, as its effectiveness decreases. All you must do is boil it for 10 minutes to rejuvenate.

1x Binchotan active charcoal stick


2.5 x 2.5 x 12cm