Anti-Chafe Gel

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100% Natural, Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal - Ideal for runners, hikers, surfers, swimmers and anyone else who needs a bit of lubrication! 

We know all too well that chafing and blisters can destroy a great adventure. That’s It Anti Chafe Gel will stop chafing and blistering before it occurs, creating a 100% natural barrier to protect your skin. It can even be applied afterward to soothe and heal any spots you might have forgotten.

  • 100% natural
  • Mess-free aluminium tube
  • Contains 2% high-grade Mānuka Oil making it anti-bacterial and anti-fungal
  • Contains Kawakawa extract for anti-inflammatory
  • Lanolin base conditions your skin
  • Softens callouses reducing painful hotspots
  • Helps heal cracked skin
  • Won’t stain or damage clothing
  • Contains NO Petrolatum or added fragrance

Apply it liberally before exercise to your feet, arm pits, chest, between legs/buttocks, or any area prone to rubbing from clothing or wetsuit.