Gotland Sheepskin - Short


Crafted in NZ, each sheepskin is truly unique and 100% natural in colour, which ranges from a soft silvery white, to a steely grey right through to rich black tones.

The wool itself varies in texture, length and tone reflecting the unique colouring of the Gotland sheep. These stunning sheepskins are professionally tanned, and safely sanitised allowing their natural tonal quality to really shine. They complement all interiors adding the most beautiful textural element and the natural suede on the back is very supple making it perfect for a bench, chair or sofa.

Each sheepy is truly unique, if there was a specific tone that you were after, please get in touch.

100% Natural NZ Wool - short


101 x 78cm approx

The unique nature of the wool naturally repels stains, odours and allergens and the pelts are robust and durable.
The natural lanolin in the sheepskins not only creates a lusciously soft pelt, but it also produces a natural self-cleaning effect when left to hang out in the breeze — a good shake and an airing outside every now and then is perfectly sufficient to keep your sheepskin in a beautiful condition.
If your sheepskin does get a small mark, dab the area using lukewarm water and a soft cloth. Air dry and, if required, brush with a wide-toothed comb to keep the curl. Machine washing is not recommended.

Be mindful of placing your sheepskin in full sunlight – as these are 100 percent natural, direct sunlight may fade or change the colour of the pelt.