Blister Stop Wool

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Unbleached lambs’ wool infused with Mānuka Oil. Ideal for hikers, runners, skiers and anyone else prone to blisters.

Just pull off a generous amount of Blister Stop Wool, place it directly on any blister prone spot (between toes, over ankles, around heels etc), pull your sock up…. It’s that simple; your sock will bind to the wool, keeping it in the right place all day.

Your Blister Stop Wool will provide padding, prevent rubbing, wick away moisture and the infused Mānuka Oil will soothe, lubricate and keep the area free of bacteria and fungus.

  • 100% natural
  • Unbleached lambs’ wool
  • Long-lasting for all-day comfort
  • Contains high-grade Mānuka Oil making it anti-bacterial and anti-fungal
  • Lambs’ wool grown in Taranaki
  • Gently hand-washed to retain the natural lanolin

Blister Stop Wool comes in a robust but very light aluminium tube you can throw in your pack to have on you any time you need it.