In Conversation | Katie Wallace

In Conversation | Katie Wallace

A familiar face to many, our very own Katie Wallace is usually putting together our iconic Madisons bouquets, but aside from her floral wizardry, is a woman of many talents: an established artist and creative, along with being a busy mother of two boys. 

We visited Katie in her home and studio, to chat about her creative work, life around Hawke's Bay and what inspires her. 

Nestled in the heart of Napier, Katie's beautiful home was once a little corner dairy. With its unique heritage and character, Katie has created a cosy and effortlessly chic space that reflects her eclectic style.

Katie's love of natural textures and finishes is echoed throughout her home, with an array of timeworn treasures and creations that have been collected over the years. 

" I love texture and a little bit of imperfection, pieces with a back story have so much beauty and character. Some of my most treasured objects, are things that my boys have created or found "


Stepping into the studio, you're welcomed with beautiful natural light and a glimpse into the wild cottage garden. The space is curated yet whimsical with foraged stems and various special objects that add sculptural and visual interest. Katie tries to paint or draw at least a few times a week, often drawing inspiration from nature and the outdoors. 

Creativity and the arts run in the family, with Katie's father being an aspiring artist stemming from a background in Advertising (back when there were no computers!), her grandfather was also an avid painter. 


Katie's favourite piece, object or part of the home:
The 'treasure shelf' in the dining space is so special, it holds so many beautiful pieces, it's a story in itself! In particular, there are two little pottery pieces that have pride of place - one created by me and one by my late brother Kayne when we were children.

Favourite things to do around Hawke's Bay: 
I love to get out and about, I often go for beach walks with the boys. I also love going out for coffee at Ajuna or Hapi. After living abroad and in bigger cities, Hawke's Bay is a great place to slow down a bit, being at home and painting brings me so much joy.

Other inspiring artists, designers and creatives:
Robyn Fleet, Hawke's Bay based artist - Robyn's works are expressive and moody, playing with light and shadow. Her paintings capture the essence of human experiences and our deep connections to the environment. 
Freeman White, Hawke's Bay based contemporary artist - Freeman's remarkable works include spectacular landscapes, seascapes and also portraits. He uses beautifully textured and layered brushstrokes to create a charged energy, drawing the viewer in to experience the breathtaking and ever changing vistas of the land.
John Lancashire, also known as the Monday Painter, Hawke's Bay based artist - Expressive works with richly layered brushstrokes, John has developed his own distinctive impressionist style of painting with an element of quiet amusement that he willingly shares with the viewer.
Jacob Scott, Hawke's Bay architect/artist, educator, mentor and son of renowned architect John Scott. A source of constant inspiration, Jacob is a truly humble man - a creative genius. 
Trish Wallace - Mum, boss, business woman, keen gardener and florist, culinary queen, and interior style extraordinaire, lover of art and design. 

Describe your style:
Eclectic and unique, I love blending the old with the new and I'm always drawn to natural textures and organic or handmade forms. 

Top picks from Madisons:
Handknotted Persian Rug
One of a kind Coffee Table 
Antique Bottle Vase
Woven Antique Basket
Terracotta Pot 

Explore some of Katies works here.