Style  |  Embrace the Winter Chill

Style | Embrace the Winter Chill

The seasonal shift often brings a change in mood as we prepare for the long chilly months ahead. Transform your space into a cosy wintery retreat with a few simple styling tips and tricks.

C o l o u r  P a l e t t e

A simple way to create a sense of calm and cosiness for the cooler months is to tone down your colour palette. This doesn't have to mean painting a whole room, but layering soft furnishings or changing up a few accessories can really refresh your whole aesthetic.

We love to use a base of neutrals and then build upon it with more seasonal objects of differing tones, textures or pattern. Avoid harsh, constrasting colour combinations and opt for more gentle, muted tones that will soften the room. Our favourite seasonal tones include earthy hues inspired by natural materials such as wood, stone and wool.

T e x t u r e

Create an inviting and homely feel to your neutral living space by adding different tactile elements. Texture is a great way to tie everything together in a room and keep the space from feeling 'flat'.

Throws, cushions and rugs in soft fabrics such as wool, boucle, velvet or linen are a simple and effective way to add warmth and texture while also creating depth - often even a subtle texture can add so much!

Embrace a little imperfection - whether it's the thick nubby weave of a woollen throw or a rough, sandy-textured ceramic piece, the organic nature of an uneven surface adds depth and balance to build your room. 

N a t u r a l  E l e m e n t s

We are constantly inspired by nature and its unapologetic beauty. Bring the outside in by displaying foraged foliage and stems in your space - you can easily create a stunning wild or sculptural element to add a little height to a corner or shelf.

The irregular and asymmetric form of natural objects can offer a beautiful focal point. Mother Nature really is a creative genius and can keep us connected to the great outdoors over the cooler months.


C o m f o r t

This time of year can be a little bleak, so let's embrace it! Try rearranging your living space to make the most of the wintery sun and create a cosy nook where you can snuggle up with a woolly throw.

A beautiful textured rug and a shaggy sheepy can not only offer warmth and texture but visually soften the room, creating an inviting ambience. Nestle a beautiful handwoven basket in a corner with an extra throw or two, light the fire and settle in with a good book.

As featured in the latest Living Hawke's Bay Magazine.