Moon Garden Book


Moon gardens are those that come alive at night, with plants that reflect moonlight, attract nocturnal creatures and release scent after sundown. Though beautiful during the day, they're best experienced in the evenings - perfect for anyone who works nine-to-five and wants to unwind in their garden after a long day.

An enchanting guide to creating a moon garden, plus soothing rituals to practice in your night-blooming oasis. Alongside lush botanical illustrations, readers will find horticultural tips and design how-tos for creating a rejuvenating space, as well as calming rituals to enjoy in their moon garden, such as journaling and meditation. The planting and growing advice applies to all kinds of gardens - backyard, indoor, container - so urban dwellers can use the book as readily as those with more outdoor space. Alongside a trowel and a watering can or crystals and herbs, Moon Garden makes a thoughtful gift for gardeners, houseplant lovers, and mind/body/spirit enthusiasts of all levels.
At once practical, inspiring, and filled with stunning visuals, Moon Garden encourages readers to approach gardening as a grounding, spiritual practice that nourishes the self and the earth.

152w x 203mm h 

Hardcover - 160 pages