Little Book of Floriography


A beautiful guide to the timeless language of flowers, revealing a world of secret messages contained within a single petal.

Floriography - the language of flowers - is the ancient art of encoding hidden messages in the type, colour and arrangement of plants, allowing individuals to express emotions and sentiments that they may not be able to articulate through words.

Featuring 100 of the most popular and available blooms from around the world, this beautifully illustrated little book gives the botanical name for each plant, a description of its significance and place in folklore, and the story behind its meaning. It also reveals how floral symbolism has been used over the centuries in literature and art, from Hamlet's Ophelia handing out rosemary 'for remembrance' and pansies 'for thoughts', to Oscar Wilde urging his friends to wear green carnations as a subtle code for homosexuality. The idea that flowers have secret meanings would have been well understood by contemporary audiences - and we are seeing a revival of the practice today.

From mimosa - which signifies chastity because its leaves close when touched - to the varied messages encoded within different colours of geraniums, Floriography offers a creative way to convey feelings and can add an extra layer of beauty and significance to a gift of flowers.

This would make a wonderful little gift with some seasonal blooms!

113w x 37h

Hardcover - 192 pages