Flower Box Premium Diffuser Refill


It is recommended that Flowerbox Fragrance Diffusers are replenished with a diffuser refill every 2 - 6 months to maintain optimal fragrance performance. 
Frequent replenishment will ensure your home gains the most it can from your distinctive fragrance. 
Do not overfill your vessel, liquid will momentarily rise when submerging fresh reeds. It is recommended that you replace reeds every 6 months or so to ensure optimum fragrance dispersion. 

Created and hand poured in Australia.


Mandarin & vanilla bean -  Mandarin, coriander, mimosa, rose, vanilla bean, amber.
Fresh Lemongrass -  Fresh cut lemongrass, lime zest, lemon peel, jasmine, rosewood.

Bespoke French glass bottle, reeds