Resene Total Colour Awards 2017

We are thrilled to announce a recent property Madisons styled has won the Resene Total Colour Residential Interior Award!

Hill House by Neil Fenwick Architects 

With a colour lover as the owner, this project needed to truly embrace colour. It has not only embraced it, but created such a rhythm of colour, it just makes you want to dance. Sunbursts of colour provide an explosion of colour. The vibrations of colour and the organic design of the splashbacks are energetic and motivating. Colour is taken beyond the kitchen team with a more neutral backdrop and timber so the space is lively but not overwhelming. Exciting, brave and pretty. Cooking will never seem like a chore again.

This project is finished in Resene Colour Me Pink, Resene Daredevil, Resene Maestro, Resene Black White and Resene Black. Image & text sourced from